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Elpic Soft provides exceptional software outsourcing services and solutions to companies worldwide

Bespoke Business Software

New technolgical developments change the world - business needs to adopt it and there is a need for software that functions for the modern working practice. Bespoke software development can future proof your business with ongoing support and updates.

Bespoke Mobile Apps & Web Apps

We specialise in developing bespoke mobile app and web app develop from fintech, retail to sports industries to customer facing product development and many more.

Professional Services

We provide professional services specialised in consultancy and analysis with flexibility according to your needs. We can collaborately to undertand, analyse your business requirements and then evaluate and put forward evaluations, recommendations depending on your goals, such as finding costs that could be reduced, processes optimised for greater performance and new innovations that could increase value to your business.


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Software developers near me

Anyone searching for software developers close to their own location is likely to be looking for more than just a low price – they probably value personal service. The good news, however, is that you can often benefit from competitive pricing and outstanding local services – if you look in the right places.

2019-06-16 22:38:08 Education,

Software development approach to risk

We’ve been bouncing around the office the concept of risk and the different human attitudes to dealing with this ubiquitous feature of everyday life. On the one hand, someone might say, “I never take any chances” and we would call them risk-averse.

2019-06-16 22:37:23 Inventory,

Bespoke software development done right

Like everything in life, there are ways to do it right and ways to do it wrong.  We’re not talking here about the many and varied choices of technology or product.  There are just some basics that need to be covered.  It’s surpising how often they are not.  Bespoke software development needs to be done right.

2019-06-15 23:13:25 Garments, Inventory,


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